Xamarin Mobile Certification

Achieving a Xamarin Certification is a great way to show potential employers and colleagues that you've mastered the core principles of cross-platform development using the Xamarin tools for Visual Studio.


Certification Courses

To gain eligibility for Xamarin certification, you must complete the required courses for each certification tier. Courses can be attended live or completed using the Self-Guided Learning (SGL) system. Once the courses are complete, you will eligible to take the certification exam.

Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional

To achieve the Xamarin Mobile Professional certification, complete the list of required courses in green below and pass the Professional Certification exam.

Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

To achieve the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification, complete all of the required courses listed above and pass both the Professional Certification and Developer Certification exams. Note: You must be a Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional before you will be eligible to take the Developer Certification exam.

Are you already building mobile applications with the Xamarin tools?
Take the assessment test and earn credit for the introductory courses.

Certification Exam

Preparing for the Certification Exams

We recommend that you review the slides and exercises from required courses to prepare for the exams. It is also highly recommended that you practice building mobile apps with Xamarin to reinforce the concepts you have learned. See our study guide below to help you prepare.

What Does the Exam Include?

The Xamarin Mobile Professional and Xamarin Mobile Developer certification exams each consist of 100 questions and must be completed within 120 minutes. The exam questions are created directly from the topics covered in the required courses.

Taking the Certification Exam

After completing the required courses for each certification, you'll receive an email invite to take the exam. The exam is taken online and must be completed within your subscription period. There is a 14-day waiting period between retakes. See Xamarin Certification Terms.

Certification Status

Earning your Certification

Certified developers receive a badge, certificate, and an invitation to join the Xamarin Certified Developers community on LinkedIn. In addition, certified developers are featured on Xamarin DevConnect, a portal for employers to hire Xamarin developers.

Certifications* are valid for one year from the date you pass the exam, and they can be verified on our public Xamarin Certified Developers page.

*Earning the Xamarin Mobile Developer badge will supersede the Xamarin Mobile Professional badge, showcasing your expertise Xamarin skills.

Renewing your Certification

To maintain certification status after the first year (for either certification), you must:

  • Have an active Xamarin University subscription on your certification anniversary date

  • Complete any new or updated certification courses

  • Complete six (6) courses in the current year that you haven't previously attended live

    (Any new or updated certification courses that you are required to take count towards this requirement)

Your certification status will automatically renew on your certification anniversary as long as you've completed the above requirements.

Study Guides

Study guides for the Xamarin Certifcation exams are provided below. These guides outline the topics covered in the each exam. We recommend using the downloadable student materials for each course to review and practice exam concepts.