Learning C# with Xamarin

This track provides an introduction to the C# programming language and Xamarin tools for building mobile applications.

Note: Classes in the C# track are scheduled in series of 1-2 times per month.
Upcoming Classes
CSC101 Introduction to C# Video Course

A gentle introduction to programming using the C# (C-Sharp) language intended for people new to programming.

CSC102 Branching and Looping Video Course

Learn how to evaluate information and make decisions in your programs as they run.

CSC103 Object-Oriented Programming Video Course

Explore the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with C#

CSC104 Adding Behavior into our Apps Video Course

Learn how to add behavior into your classes with methods.

CSC105 Shifting from Console to Mobile Video Course

Apply your new C# knowledge to build a mobile application with Xamarin.Forms!

CSC106 More about classes and methods Video Course

See how to make your class methods more capable and easier to use with some additional C# features.

CSC107 Collections Video Course

Learn how to organize your data with some of the built-in classes in C# and .NET.

CSC108 Debugging and Exceptions Video Course

Discuss how to identify, troubleshoot and fix problems in your programs.

CSC109 Inheritance and Polymorphism Video Course

Learn another tenant of Object-Oriented Programming - Inheritance and how to use it in C# to provide relationships between things.

CSC270 GC Fundamentals Video Course

Learn how the Garbage Collector works in your mobile app and what you can do to customize it's behavior.

CSC271 Managing non-memory resources Video Course

Learn how to release non-memory based resources in Mono/.NET apps.

CSC350 Using Async and Await

Learn how to properly leverage the async/await keywords in C# and what they really do.

CSC351 Writing Multithreaded Mobile Applications

Learn how to use the Task API to perform background tasks in your app.

CSC352 Introduction to Thread Safety and Synchronization

Multiple threads often means you need to provide synchronization. This class shows you how!

CSC353 More about Synchronization Video Course

Continuation of CSC352, learn about some of the newer classes useful for synchronization data