This track focuses deliberately on building applications for Android with the Xamarin platform.

Upcoming Classes
AND101 Introduction to Xamarin.Android Self-Guided Learning Available

Introduces Android development. Covers the tool chain, Xamarin.Android projects, and Android fundamentals.

AND102 Activities and Intents Self-Guided Learning Available

Examines how to implement multi-screen apps with Activities.

AND110 List Views and Adapters in Android

Learn how to create and work with scrollable lists of data using the Android ListView.

AND115 RecyclerView and CardView in Android

This course shows how to use RecylerView and CardView to display collections of data.

AND180 Toolbar and App Bar

Create a Toolbar and integrate it as your Activity's App Bar.

AND205 Android Navigation

Learn how to utilize some of the standard navigation styles in Android for multi-screen applications.

AND210 Android Services

How to perform long-running operations using Android services.

AND220 Publishing an Android App Video Course

Video to walk you through publishing to Google Play and the Amazon store.

AND230 Google Maps

Introduces supporting Google Maps for Android in your apps.

AND231 Location Services

Learn how to add "location-awareness" into your Android apps to find interesting things around you.

AND240 Touch in Android

This class examines how touch works in Android and covers View based touch events and gestures.

AND241 Gestures in Android

Learn how to manage more complex touch gestures in your Android applications.

AND450 Building a Java Bindings Library Video Course

Introduces how to integrate native Java-based components into your Xamarin.Android apps.