This track introduces Xamarin.Android development using Visual Studio on Windows or macOS. Build Android applications using C# and .NET that take advantage of the entire Android API surface to provide a fully native experience. Topics include the tools, concepts, and steps required to build and deploy a Xamarin.Android application.

Upcoming Classes
AND101 Introduction to Xamarin.Android Self-Guided Learning Available

Code your first Xamarin.Android app: create a project, define the UI, and implement behavior.

AND102 Activities and Intents Self-Guided Learning Available

Implement multi-page Xamarin.Android apps using Activities and stack navigation.

AND110 ListViews and Adapters in Android

Use Android ListView to display a data collection in your UI.

AND115 RecyclerView and CardView in Android

Use RecyclerView to display a data collection and CardView to host the visualization of each element.

AND180 Toolbar and App Bar

Create a menu using Toolbar and set it as your Activity’s App Bar.

AND205 Android Navigation

Implement the tab, gestural, and drawer UI navigation patterns.

AND210 Android Services

Perform long-running operations using Android services.

AND220 Publishing an Android App Video Course

Build an app package and submit it to the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store.

AND230 Google Maps Updated Video Course

Configure your app to use Google Maps and display a map in your UI.

AND231 Location Services Updated Video Course

Track the device's location and find points-of-interest nearby.

AND240 Touch in Android Updated Video Course

Use low-level touch events to implement custom UI interactions.

AND241 Gestures in Android Updated

Incorporate standard and custom gestures into your app's user experience.

AND450 Building a Java Bindings Library Video Course

Integrate native Java-based components into your Xamarin.Android app.