Xamarin.Forms is perfect for cross-platform applications that display "forms over data" where the primary goal of the application is to display data in a standardized way. This track focuses on building Xamarin.Forms applications that target iOS, Android and Windows.

Upcoming Classes
XAM120 Introduction to Xamarin.Forms Self-Guided Learning

Build your first Xamarin.Forms cross-platform UI and see how it behaves on multiple platforms.

XAM130 XAML in Xamarin.Forms Self-Guided Learning

Use the XAML markup language to define your Xamarin.Forms UI.

XAM135 Layout in Xamarin.Forms Self-Guided Learning

Specify the size and position of the controls in your Xamarin.Forms UI using the two most common layout containers: StackLayout and Grid.

XAM140 Resources and Styles in Xamarin.Forms Self-Guided Learning

Use resources and styles in Xamarin.Forms to manage shared values and provide a consistent UI look and feel.

XAM205 Navigation Patterns in Xamarin.Forms

Implement multi-page Xamarin.Forms apps using stack and tab navigation.

XAM270 Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms

Use Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms to connect your application's data to your UI.

XAM280 Using ListView in Xamarin.Forms

Use the Xamarin.Forms ListView control to display scrolling lists of interactive data.

XAM290 Master-detail and Drawer Navigation

In this course, you’ll learn how to switch between pages of content using drawer navigation, and create a master-detail UI to browse data collections

XAM312 Customizing the ListView in Xamarin.Forms

Customize the Xamarin.Forms ListView control using custom cells, headers/footers, grouping, and cell caching.

XAM320 Design an MVVM ViewModel in Xamarin.Forms

Apply the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern to your Xamarin.Forms apps to improve code reuse and testability.

XAM330 Xamarin.Forms Effects

Use Effects to customize the appearance of the native controls that underlie Xamarin.Forms elements.

XAM335 Xamarin.Forms Renderers Video Course

Use Renderers to customize the behavior of existing Xamarin.Forms controls and create your own custom controls.