This self-guided track introduces Xamarin.iOS development using Visual Studio on Windows or macOS. Build iOS applications using C# and .NET that take advantage of the entire iOS API surface to provide a fully native experience. Topics include the tools, concepts, and steps required to build and deploy a Xamarin.iOS application.

Upcoming Classes
IOS101 Introduction to Xamarin.iOS Video Course Self-Guided Learning

Code your first Xamarin.iOS app: create a project, define the UI, and implement behavior.

IOS102 Introduction to the Xamarin Designer for iOS Video Course Self-Guided Learning

Use the Xamarin.iOS Storyboard Designer to design a responsive, multi-screen application.

IOS103 Make your Images Look Great on all Devices Video Course

Include images in your UI and ensure they look great on all iOS devices.

IOS104 Add a launch screen and app icons Video Course Self-Guided Learning

Add a custom icon asset catalog and responsive launch storyboard to give your app a recognizable brand.

IOS110 Fundamentals of TableViews Video Course

Display a data collection using the iOS UITableView.

IOS115 Customizing TableViews Video Course

Create a unique look for your Table View rows by implementing a custom UITableViewCell.

IOS205 Navigation Patterns Video Course

Implement the stack, tab, master-detail, and pager UI navigation patterns.

IOS210 Introduction to Backgrounding: Running Finite-Length Tasks Video Course

Use the Finite-length Task API to save application state as your app enters the background.

IOS211 Background Modes and File Transfers Video Course

Play audio and transfer files while your app is in the background.

IOS215 Editing TableViews Video Course

Support editing operations with UITableView to let the user manipulate list items.

IOS220 Publishing an iOS App Video Course

Build your app and submit it to the App Store.

IOS230 Maps and Location Video Course

Use CoreLocation to determine the device’s location and MapKit to add mapping capabilities to your Xamarin.iOS app.

IOS231 Customizing Maps Video Course

Add custom annotations, routes, and points-of-interest to an MKMapView.

IOS240 Touch and Gestures Video Course

Use UIView touch events to build a multi-touch drawing application and gesture detectors to manipulate an image.

IOS300 Auto Layout and Constraints Video Course

Use Constraints and Size Classes to build a responsive UI that adapts to different screen sizes and orientations.

IOS450 Building an Objective-C Bindings Library Video Course

Learn how to consume static and dynamic libraries written in objective-C and use them in your Xamarin.iOS apps

IOS451 Build an Objective-C Bindings Library with Objective Sharpie Video Course

Learn to use Objective Sharpie to generate your Binding definition files