This track focuses on building applications for iOS with Xamarin.iOS

Upcoming Classes
IOS101 Introduction to Xamarin.iOS Self-Guided Learning Available

Introduces iOS development, including the tools used and app fundamentals.

IOS102 Introduction to the Xamarin Designer for iOS Self-Guided Learning Available

This course provides an introduction to using the Xamarin.iOS Storyboard Designer.

IOS110 Fundamentals of Table Views iOS

Introduces displaying collections of data with the iOS UITableView.

IOS115 Customizing Table Views

Explores how to create custom UITableViewCell elements in code and using the designer.

IOS205 Navigation Patterns

Explore the common navigation styles built into iOS for managing multi-screen applications.

IOS210 Introduction to Backgrounding: Running Finite-Length Tasks

Introduces the different background techniques in iOS with a focus on performing Finite-Length work while your app is in the background.

IOS211 Background Modes and File Transfers

Covers the other two backgrounding styles in iOS: Playing audio and performing file transfers while your app is in the background.

IOS215 Editing Table Views

Examine the built-in editing capabilities of the powerful UITableView control in iOS.

IOS220 Publishing an iOS App Video Course

Video to walk you through publishing to the App Store

IOS230 Maps and Location in iOS

Learn how to work with MapKit in iOS to easily add mapping capabilities to your Xamarin.iOS app.

IOS231 Customizing Maps

Learn how to customize annotations, display routes, and search for points of interest on a MKMapView.

IOS240 Touch and Gestures

This class examines how touch works in iOS and covers UIView based touch events and the built-in gesture detectors.

IOS300 Auto Layout in Xamarin.iOS

This class takes an in-depth look at storyboards, resizing constraints and handling different screen sizes in your app.

IOS350 What's New in iOS8 Video Course

Provides a high-level overview of the new frameworks and features introduced in iOS8 and how to use them in your Xamarin.iOS app.