Xamarin University End of Life FAQ


Q: What is happening to Xamarin University?
A: Xamarin University, as well as all of the curriculum developers, staff, and trainers that have helped build it, are joining Microsoft Learn, your one-stop-shop to learn about Microsoft technologies and more. As a part of the transition, the Xamarin University website will completely retire on 28 June 2019. Xamarin.Forms content will be made available for free on Microsoft Learn as of 6 May 2019.

Q: How much does Microsoft Learn cost?
A: Microsoft Learn is free.

Q: How much longer will classes be offered at Xamarin University?
A: A: All live courses and Office Hours have been discontinued as of 30 April 2019. Access to the university.xamarin.com site will continue until 28 June 2019.

Self-guided courses will be made available on Microsoft Learn on 6 May 2019.

Q: Where can I find Xamarin University materials after Xamarin University closes?
A: Xamarin.Forms courses will be made available for free on Microsoft Learn as of May 6, 2019.

For courses that do not migrate, video recordings will be made publicly available on the Xamarin University YouTube channel, while labs will be made publicly available on the Xamarin University Github Page by 28 June, 2019.

Q: Where can I find the lightning lectures and guest lectures?
A: Lightning lectures and guest lectures will be available on Xamarin University's YouTube channel on 28 June 2019.

Q: Will there still be live instructor-led training?
A: Live instructor-led training through university.xamarin.com has been discontinued as of 30 April 2019. Instructor-led-training on Microsoft Learn is to be announced.

Q: Will there still be thirty-minute 1:1 office hour sessions?
A: No. Office hour sessions through university.xamarin.com have been discontinued as of 30 April 2019.

Q: Can I still access my Xamarin DevConnect profile?
A: Access to Xamarin DevConnect will be available until 27 June 2019. After that date, the portal will be deprecated along with Xamarin University.

Q: Will the Xamarin University forum still be available?
A: Access to the Xamarin University forums will be available until 30 June 2019.

Q: Can I still access my profile page?
A: The Xamarin University Profile page will be accessible until 27 June 2019.


Q: When should I cancel my Xamarin University subscription?
A: If you have a paid monthly Xamarin University subscription, your subscription will have been automatically cancelled as of 30 April 2019, the last date courses will run.

For additional assistance or questions related to billing, please be sure to file a ticket with Azure Billing Support.

Q: Will my subscription be automatically cancelled?

A: Yes, if you had a paid Xamarin University subscription, it was automatically cancelled on 30 April 2019. If you have any issues, please let us know by emailing xamutraining@microsoft.com or contact Azure Billing Support.


Q: What is happening to the Xamarin Mobile Professional and Developer Certifications?
A: Xamarin certifications will no longer be made available as Xamarin University retires. If you passed the Xamarin Mobile Developer certification exam through Xamarin University, you will receive a unique badge to showcase this accomplishment in your Microsoft Learn profile. To receive the badge, you will need to transfer your progress from Xamarin University to Microsoft Learn.

Q: How do I transfer my Xamarin University progress to Microsoft Learn?
A: You can transfer your Xamarin University progress by visiting your Profile page in Xamarin University and clicking the “transfer” button in the Account Management section. It’s important to note that the skills migration feature will only be available until 28 June 2019, when the Xamarin University learning platform shuts down.

Q: Can I to renew my Xamarin certification on Microsoft Learn?
A: No, there will no longer be a renewal process for Xamarin certifications. Badges and trophies in Microsoft Learn also do not require renewal.

Q: When is the last date to renew and/or achieve the Xamarin certification?
A: The last day to take the exam to renew or achieve Xamarin certification was on 30 April 2019. If you have not done so before this time, you can still continue learning and earning achievements through Microsoft Learn.

Q: Will there be a Xamarin-specific Microsoft Technical Certification?
A: Microsoft is always evaluating certifications and job roles, but at the present moment, there are no plans to create a Xamarin specific certification.