Guest Lectures

Attend exclusive lectures from visiting industry luminaries.

Building a Xamarin Forms app using Syncfusion
Aaron Melamed • December 4 9:00AM PST
See how easy it is to create powerful Xamarin applications with Syncfusion controls.
ReactiveUI - A new way of thinking
Kent Boogaart • July 19 4:00PM PST
ReactiveUI - what it is, and why should you use it in to implement user interfaces in .NET
Building mobile apps with F# using Xamarin
Jim Bennett • July 11 9:00AM PST
Learn how to build mobile apps using Xamarin.Forms and F#
Building serverless APIs for your cross platform apps with Azure Functions and Xamarin
Laurent Bugnion • July 9 9:00AM PST
Discover how serverless computing and Xamarin can help you build cross platform client-server applications fast and easily.
Mobile DevOps with Mobile-BuildTools
Dan Siegel • June 20 10:00AM PST
Take Control of your Mobile DevOps with Mobile.BuildTools
Xamarin Essentials
James Montemagno • June 7 10:00AM PST
Xamarin.Essentials - Build Great Apps Faster with Cross-Platform APIs
Multi-targeting the World - A Single Project to Rule Them All
Oren Novotny • April 24 9:00AM PST
Into to creating single and multi-targeted .NET Standard class libraries using the new "SDK-style" project system.
Essential Tools for Xamarin Developers!
Sam Basu • February 27 9:00AM PST
Let’s explore real-world usage of various tools, frameworks, cloud services and utilities for Xamarin developers – must haves for developer success.
Azure AD B2C
Matthew Soucoup • February 13 9:00AM PST
Add authentication with Azure AD B2C
ARKit and ARCore
Michael Zaletel • January 30 9:00AM PST
ARKit and ARCore Combined for Cross-Platform Augmented Reality in Xamarin.Forms.
Hacking your coffee maker; building a connected appliance with Netduino and Xamarin.
Bryan Costanich • January 10 11:00AM PST
Netduino is back! Join Bryan Costanich (formerly of Xamarin) as he walks through hacking a coffee maker into a connected appliance using Netduino and Xamarin.
Writing OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 clients with Xamarin
Dominick Baier • November 27 9:00AM PST
We will discuss the various aspects of token-based mobile clients
Introduction to Roslyn
Matthew Robbins • September 7 2:00PM PST
Learn all about the Roslyn compilation platform by learning to create your own C# analyzers and code actions.

Intro to Game Development with Unity
Mike Geig • August 24 10:00AM PST
Learn the fundamentals of game development using the Unity game engine.
Navigating an MVVM Xamarin.Forms App with Prism
Brian Lagunas • August 22 10:00AM PST
Use the navigation features of Prism for Xamarin.Forms to simplify the navigation code in your ViewModels
MvvmCross 5.0 explained
Martijn van Dijk • August 2 9:00AM PST
Discover all the possibilities of MvvmCross with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms apps! Learn how to create your first app with MvvmCross.
Build smarter productivity applications with Microsoft Graph, Office 365, and Xamarin
Mike Ammerlaan • July 26 10:00AM PST
Integrate data and insights from Office 365 – including people, groups, files, relationships, and more – into your Xamarin applications to build smarter, more connected productivity applications.

Accessibility in Mobile Apps
Andrew Strickland • June 20 9:00AM PST
Explore accessibility and how to widen the reach of your mobile applications.

Adding Image and Voice Intelligence to Your Apps with Microsoft Cognitive Services
David Giard • June 6 9:00AM PST
Using Azure Cognitive Services, you can quickly add image recognition and analysis; facial recognition, speech recognition, text-to-speech capabilities, and many other features to your application.

Cross-Platform WebRTC
Alex Dunn • May 23 9:00AM PST
Learn how to create a Voice and Video conference call in your Xamarin Apps using WebRTC and IceLink.

Can We Build a scalable Chat App with Xamarin and Azure in 60 Minutes? Yes we can!
Ariel Ben Horesh • May 8 9:00AM PST
In this session we will take Xamarin.Forms, Azure App Services and SignalR to create a full blown messenger app in just 60 minutes.

Conquer the network
Roy Cornelissen • April 25 9:00AM PST
Patterns, tips and tricks for building solid and delightful connected apps

Real-time Collaborative Apps with Realm
Nikola Irinchev • March 20 10:00AM PST
Learn how the Realm Mobile Platform can help you create offline-first, reactive apps effortlessly. Learn how to create a realtime collaborative app without a single line of backed code.

Architecting Your App with Xamarin + Facebook Flux
Alex Dunn • February 23 10:00AM PST
An introduction and look into the Flux design pattern implemented in Xamarin. What is Flux, why it’s cool, and building our first Xamarin app with Flux.

Behavior Driven Development for mobile apps
Geert van der Cruijsen • December 8 11:00AM PST
Using Specflow and BDD to improve your specifications
Building Xamarin Studio Addins
Matthew Robbins • November 28 12:00PM PST
Join Matthew Robbins, creator of MFractor, and learn to build custom tooling for Xamarin Studio by creating your own addin.
Building Intelligent Cross Platform Mobile Applications using Xamarin & Azure Search
Liam Cavanagh • October 25 10:00AM PST
Learn how to extend Xamarin mobile applications to build intelligent search experiences

App Store Automation with Fastlane
Geoffrey Huntley • October 10 4:00PM PST
Apple doesn't provide any way to interact with their App Store programmatically and Google doesn't provide a command line interface, which means releasing software can be a pain, releases don't happen as often as it should, and something frequently goes wrong because humans are involved. In this lecture, we find a solution to this very problem and other everyday tedious tasks, such as developer certificate provisioning and code signing by using the popular framework.
Introduction to ReactiveUI for Xamarin
Michael Stonis and Geoffrey Huntley • September 20 12:00PM PST
Discover how using reactive extensions and ReactiveUI can help you build applications that are easier to maintain and understand. Join us as we provide a brief introduction to the ReactiveUI framework and then dive into real-world examples of how you can start using it today.

Cross-platform 3D with UrhoSharp
Mikayla Hutchinson • September 13 10:00AM PST
UrhoSharp seamlessly integrates the Urho3D game engine into Xamarin apps, giving you access to a full-featured 2D and 3D game engine with a modern component-based architecture and a comprehensive feature set. This introduction will show you how easy it is to write games with Urho, and how to use it to integrate powerful, first-class 3D visualization capabilities into your mobile applications.

Build Adaptive UIs with Xamarin.Forms
Greg Lutz • August 17 8:00AM PST
Build adaptive UIs that scale across iPhones, Android tablets and Windows PCs while reusing as much code as possible.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery for Your Xamarin App
Gerald Versluis • August 9 10:00AM PST
With the acquisition of Xamarin and HockeyApp, Microsoft now has everything they need to offer you a very complete and awesome Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline. In this guest lecture we will look at setting up your own CI/CD process with the use of Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp completely for free.

Introduction to FreshMvvm for Xamarin.Forms
Michael Ridland • July 6 2:00PM PST
Learn about the features and advantages of using FreshMvvm, a Mvvm Framework designed specifically for Xamarin.Forms, to encourage building maintainable apps.
Introduction to Realm Xamarin
Kristian Dupont and Yavor Georgiev • June 28 9:00AM PST
Realm is a mobile database, similar to SQLite. It works for Xamarin Android and iOS. This lecture will give you an introduction to how to use it and what makes it different.
Starting a Xamarin project with MvvmCross 4.0
Martijn van Dijk • March 17 9:00AM PST
Discover how to set up a project from scratch with MvvmCross and Xamarin! Learn about best practices in cross-platform development to enable you to deliver the highest quality Apps.

Adding Windows UWP in Xamarin.Forms
Tom Walker • February 16 8:00AM PST
With the release of Windows 10, learn to set up a Xamarin.Forms app to take advantage of the support for Windows UWP. We’ll cover available features and some pitfalls that may be encountered, while focusing on leveraging Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin to make your apps truly universal across all mobile platforms.
Building a Successful Mobile Business
Atley Hunter • January 21 8:00AM PST
Learn the ins and outs of your user's inner purchasing thoughts to monetize and build a business out of your mobile applications.
Building Polished, Production-Ready Xamarin.Forms Apps
Rob DeRosa • December 8 9:00AM PST
Learn about UI enhancement tips and tricks to build a polished and production-ready Xamarin.Forms apps.

Intro to Prism for Xamarin.Forms
Brian Lagunas • November 10 1:00PM PST
Learn how to leverage Prism to create well-structured and maintainable Xamarin.Forms applications while using common design patterns and practices such as MvvM, dependency injection, commands, event aggregation, and more.
DevOps and Mobile Apps - Do You Really Care?
Brian Randell • November 9 8:00AM PST
Learn what DevOps for mobile apps is all about, and how the right combination of people, process, and tools can make it worth caring about.

Adding Analytics to your Mobile App
Michael Stonis • November 4 11:00AM PST
Stop worrying and start analyzing. Understand the need for analytics, discover how to add support for analytic providers such as Google Analytics and Xamarin.Insights, and learn tips and tricks to easily get up and running.

MvvM Light Toolkit with Xamarin
Laurent Bugnion • October 20 12:00PM PST
Join MvvM Light's creator for a rich session about this very popular toolkit, and how it can benefit your applications and speed up your work.

UI Design with Xamarin.Forms
Adam Wolf • October 6 8:00AM PST
Learn how to design and develop beautiful and modern cross-platform mobile user interfaces with Xamarin.Forms and graphics editor.

Testing Your Apps: A Crash Course
Greg Shackles • September 29 8:00AM PST
Looking to get started testing your apps but you're not sure where to start? In this session, we'll take a tour through a variety of approaches to testing, including cross-platform unit tests, automated UI tests, and more.
Prototyping with Xamarin.Forms
Krystin Stutesman • September 24 8:00AM PST
Learn how Xamarin.Forms can be a powerful tool for quickly prototyping applications that run natively on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Spice Up Your Xamarin.Forms UIs with Custom Renderers
Pierce Boggan • September 17 8:00AM PST
Learn how easy it is to extend Xamarin.Forms with custom renderers, allowing you full access and control over the native renderings of Xamarin.Forms controls.

Using & Developing Plugins for Xamarin
James Montemagno • September 10 9:00AM PST
Easily access common native APIs from your shared code projects with Plugins for Xamarin. Discover what Plugins for Xamarin are, how they work, and how you can create your very own.

Couchbase Lite and Xamarin
Mike Bluestein • August 28 8:00AM PST
Learn how to add Couchbase Lite to a Xamarin app, work the API for local storage, and sync via the Sync Gateway. Also learn about the new Couchbase Mobile 1.1. features.
Azure Mobile Services and Xamarin
David Giard • July 15 8:00AM PST
Microsoft Azure Mobile Services provides a straightforward way to expose backend data to multiple apps on multiple devices. Learn how to expose cloud data access and other processes via a REST interface and connect to that data from your Xamarin app.
The Science of UX Design for Mobile Apps
David Platt • June 19 8:00AM PST
Discover salient points of platform-independent, user-centric mobile UX design: personas, stories, sketching, and user testing.
Creating ASP.NET MVC Apps with Xamarin
Jesse Liberty • May 14 8:00AM PST
Interested in moving your ASP.NET application to mobile? Learn how to reuse views and models to create phone applications in Xamarin.

Porting Windows and Windows Phone Apps to Xamarin.Forms
Jeff Prosise • April 28 8:00AM PST
Thinking about porting apps from Windows and Windows Phone to Xamarin.Forms, so they can truly be called universal apps? See how one such app was ported and what was involved in doing so.

iBeacons and Estimote Stickers
James Montemagno • March 17 8:00AM PST
Come learn all about iBeacons and Estimote's new Stickers and how they can bring context awareness to your iOS and Android apps.
Using Reactive Extensions with Xamarin
Paul Betts • February 26 9:00AM PST
Discover how Reactive Extensions for .NET is a powerful library that can simplify your apps. Learn how to use it alongside C# 5.0’s async/await feature in order to write performant, async applications while still being easily testable.
Xamarin.Forms Q&A with the Creator
Jason Smith • December 10 2:00PM PST
Join Jason Smith, creator of Xamarin.Forms for a town-hall style meeting, where you can ask him questions abut Xamarin.Forms. Curious about the what's coming up next/roadmap? Ask him. Have a tough custom renderer question? Throw it at him. We'll have him for exclusively available to Xamarin University students to chat and commiserate.
Introduction to CocoaSharp
Mike Bluestein • November 24 8:00AM PST
Learn about 2D game development with CocosSharp. Review the basics of 2D cross-platform game development including sprites, particle systems, animation, effects, audio, and physics. Learn how to go from a new project to a basic cross-platform game, while exploring various aspects of the CocosSharp API.

Styles, Triggers, and Behaviors in Xamarin.Forms; Introducing v1.3
Charles Petzold • November 10 8:00AM PST
Xamarin.Forms 1.3 introduces styles, triggers, and behaviors - new XAML features for responding to property changes and events. Explore the details of these new features and the bigger picture of XAML-based development.