Xamarin University Certification Program Rules


By participating in the Xamarin University Certification program (the "Program"), I agree to these Program Rules (the "Rules"). The following definitions are used in the terms:

  1. "Certification" represents any certification offered by Xamarin University.
  2. "Certification Process" means the combination of the Training and the Exam, and any other requirements determined by Xamarin University.
  3. "Program" means the program covering any Certification offered by Xamarin University for which you are attempting to qualify. It includes all related Training, Exams, homework assignments, required Office Hours, surveys, and Rules.

Participating in this Program and taking the applicable exam implies your understanding and agreement of these Rules.

  1. I understand that any training and/or any exams offered by Xamarin University are the intellectual property of Microsoft and Xamarin University. These items may not be copied, duplicated, sold, or distributed without the express permission of Microsoft.
  2. I understand and will adhere to the following "Code of Ethics". Failure to adhere to the Code of Ethics may result in the cancellation of any Certifications attained and dismissal from the Program.
    1. I pledge to uphold the highest standards of professional conduct related to the Program.
    2. I will provide truthful and verifiable information about my identity and geographical location in response to a Xamarin University request related to the Program.
    3. I agree not to share or compromise any Program content.
    4. I will take the required training and exam by myself, with no assistance from others, except for Xamarin University staff where applicable.
    5. I understand that submitting any file required for the exam that contains any code or data written or owned by anyone else will be considered plagiarism.
    6. I will report anyone who cheats, steals, or shares training or exam material.
  3. Microsoft may monitor my exam attempt(s) and may collect, store and use any data related to the Program for purposes of the cheat detection and improvement of the training, exams and overall Program. Any information collected will be subject to Microsoft’s Privacy Policy.
  4. I may terminate my participation in the Program at any time by either through a written request, or by closing and deleting my account through my Xamarin University profile.
  5. Microsoft complies with U.S. embargoes, if you are located in a currently embargoed country, you will not be eligible for this Program.

Microsoft reserves the right to modify the Certification Process and these Rules from time to time. Microsoft will notify me of any material or requirements changes to the Certification Process or to these Rules, which will become effective 30 days after such notice.