Xamarin Certification

One of the great features of Xamarin University is the certification process. By completing the required classes and passing the certification exam, you can become a Xamarin Certified mobile developer. This lets potential employers and your colleagues know that you have studied hard and learned the core principles of Xamarin development. We'd like every developer to get certified and to be successful in their mobile career.

Introductory Assessment Exam

If you're an experienced Xamarin Developer, you can skip these first few classes: IOS101, AND101, XAM110, XAM120 and XAM130 if you pass the Introductory Assessment Exam with a score of 80% or better. The test includes 50 questions spanning materials covered in these five classes. The exam can only be attempted once and must be completed within 60 minutes after viewing the first question.

Please make sure that you review the course materials to ensure that you're familiar with the concepts prior to taking the test.


Required Courses

Here is the list of required courses which you must attend either live or in our self guided learning system (SGL) in order to take the exam. You can take other classes as well, and they will likely help to answer some of the questions in the exam, but the questions themselves are drawn directly from the following classes:

Certification Progress Check-In

Once you've completed 85% of your certification coursework, you'll have the opportunity to schedule a 1:1 check-in with your primary instructor to discuss certification exam, answer any questions you have about preparing for it, and generally check in to ensure you'll be successful. This is a requirement to gain certification exam eligibility, but the session will not count against your allotted Xamarin University Office Hour sessions.

What order should I take the classes in?

You should take XAM101 first, it will orient you to Xamarin University, the web portal and system setup. Once you've completed that, you should start with the native classes and preferably take them in order (either iOS first, or Android). This will give you some background on how both of these platforms work and how the Xamarin tools integrate with both platforms.

Then we recommend you take the classes in the following order (from left to right and top to bottom) as many of them build on each other and assume prerequisite knowledge.

Certification Diagram Download certification diagram as PDF

I really enjoy iOS/Android/etc. Can I take other classes too?

Absolutely! As a Xamarin University subscriber, you have access to our entire catalog of courses which we are adding to each month. The above classes are the ones required for certification, but if you see another class that you want to take, by all means schedule it!

What's on the Certification Exam?

The exam covers content from all of the required classes, with topics ranging across Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, and cross-platform development. It includes 150 questions and will likely take between 2-3 hours to complete. You must finish the exam within 3 hours and get an 80% score to pass. You can retake the exam up to three times if needed.

Be aware that there are a few questions which apply to Windows Phone, related primarily to cross-platform characteristics and to publishing.

Preparing for Certification

Once you have completed all of your classes, your Xamarin University dashboard will have a link to take the exam. You can take it whenever you are ready within your subscription period. We recommend you go back through all of the slides and lab exercises for the core classes prior to taking the exam. Make sure to update to the latest revision of each as you review it to ensure you are looking at the most up-to-date material. The lab exercises often have the practical experience elements which is being asked for in the exam. There is a study guide to help you prepare at the end of this document.

What happens after I become a certified developer?

You will get access to the private LinkedIn Xamarin University group, get some cool XamU swag and have the respect of your fellow mobile developers. Certification is good for one year from the date that you pass your exam.

Once I'm certified, how can I check my certification status?

To verify certifications via email addresses or names, please check out the public Xamarin Developer Certification page. You can also get a direct URL to your certification verification page by including your email as part of the URL, for example: https://university.xamarin.com/certification?q={your_email_here}#verify. Just put your own email address to get a direct link you can place on your site.

How do I maintain my certification status?

To maintain your certification status after the first year you must:

As long as you have met the above requirements, your certification status will automatically be renewed at the end of the period for another year.

I have more questions.

No problem - email the Xamarin Training Coordinator and we'll make sure you get the answer!

Study Guide

Here are some specific topics you should review before taking the certification exam. This is not a definitive list, but gives you some pointers on things to know and verify your knowledge on.

Xamarin platform

Introduction to Mobile Development


Best practices for developing mobile applications with Xamarin
Introduction to Portable Class Libraries

Data in Mobile

Working with the File System
Data in Mobile

Web Services

Web Services in Xamarin


Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
Xamarin.Forms Control Gallery
XAML Basics
Xamarin.Forms UI

Android topics

Android Getting Started

iOS topics

iOS Getting Started
Introduction to Storyboards

Publishing an application

Android Deployment & Publishing
iOS Deployment & Publishing

Last updated 2/3/2017