What is Xamarin University?

Xamarin University is the premier training site for learning cross platform mobile development with Xamarin. We offer advanced training and certification on the Xamarin Platform enabling developers to build high quality, enterprise grade, mobile applications. Check out our introduction video on Getting Started with Xamarin University.

What is required for Xamarin Development?

Please explore our great guides on System Requirements for Xamarin Development as well as our Setup and Troubleshooting resources. We also recommend signing up for the XAM101 live class which will help to answer all questions you have when getting started with Xamarin Development.

What's included in a Xamarin University Subscription?

The full Xamarin University subscription includes unlimited access to our entire catalog of over 80 live, instructor led classes, the Xamarin Certification track and test, 1 on 1 office hours, self guided learning classes, lightning lectures, guest lectures and more.

We also offer a Free Account tier which includes access to all of our Self-Guided Learning courses, Guest Lectures and Lightning Lectures for an unlimited time, in addition to two introductory live courses (XAM101 and XAM120). You can start a free account here.

Are live, instructor led classes provided in my region/time zone?

We have a team of expert instructors located in 6 time zones around the globe to ensure that all students around the world can attend live classes, whether they prefer to take them in the early morning, daytime, afternoon or evening.

What language are courses taught in?

At the moment, all of Xamarin University’s classes are taught in English.

What are Office Hours?

Office Hours are 30-minute 1-on-1 sessions for you to meet with a Xamarin University instructor to discuss course questions, receive mobile architectural guidance, and prepare for the certification exam. One office hour is available for each continuous month subscribed.

You can request a Xamarin University Office Hour, as a subscriber, by using the "Request a Class" tool.

Please be sure to provide detailed information the topic you would like to cover as well as your availability and we will reply to help schedule you within 1-2 business days.

What are Xamarin University Guest and Lightning Lectures?

Xamarin University Guest and Lightning Lectures are live presentations presented by industry luminaries on various technical topics, exclusively available for Xamarin University subscribers to sign up for. These lectures are recorded and are made available to the public.

Where can I see all of Xamarin University’s courses?

You can browse all of the courses Xamarin University has to offer, and navigate by topic, on our “Courses” page.

I want to learn C#. Do you have any recommendations?

A great intro book to C#, which is free from the source, is the C# Yellow Book, as well as this free course from the Microsoft Virtual Academy on C#.

We also offer a great introductory series of C# courses through Xamarin University.

What is my Xamarin University Profile page?

The Xamarin University Profile page is available to subscribers and is a great place to keep track of your progress within Xamarin University. You can set up your time zone there, fill out class surveys, and check your schedule for registered upcoming classes.

Where is the Xamarin University Github?

The Xamarin University Github is located here.

How do I change my email address tied to my Xamarin University account?

You can transfer your Xamarin University account data (class history,certifications, etc.) to a new email address by contacting Xamarin University directly at

To change the email address associated with your Microsoft Account, please see this guide.

How do I change the password for my account?

Please see the following guide on changing your Microsoft Account password.

I am unable to sign-in. I received a message saying I "Need Admin Approval"...

It seems that your organization's system has blocked some of the permissions that we require:

  • Sign you in - Xamarin University will be able to sign you in, and assign a unique and anonymous ID to your account.
  • View your email address - Xamarin University will be able to read your primary email address.
  • View your basic profile - Xamarin University will be able to see your basic profile (name, picture, user name).

An IT admin from your organization will need to grant permission for Xamarin University. If the admin requires more assistance with this, you may want to contact Azure Active Directory support:

Sales & Billing

Where can I buy Xamarin University?

Xamarin University is available as a monthly subscription from the Visual Studio Marketplace. To learn more and subscribe, please see the Visual Studio Marketplace Purchasing Page.

How much is a Xamarin University subscription?

Xamarin University subscriptions start at $83.25 USD per month.

Can multiple developers use the same Xamarin University subscription?

No. Each subscription is linked to a Xamarin University profile, which is living and tied to a single developer to track progress and class history. Xamarin University subscriptions should be assigned to one developer and should not be shared between users.

How do I purchase Xamarin University subscriptions for multiple users?

You can purchase multiple Xamarin University subscriptions by:

  1. Navigating to the Visual Studio Marketplace purchasing portal for Xamarin University.
  2. Select 'Get' as well as the Azure Subscription that you wish to use for billing. If you do not have one or wish to use a separate subscription, you can create one. This does not cost anything, it is simply used as a vehicle for billing through the Visual Studio Marketplace.
  3. Select the number of subscriptions you wish to purchase.
  4. Confirm and Finish.
  5. You will now automatically receive a Redemption Code email to the email address associated with the Azure Billing Subscription.
  6. Log-in to Xamarin University with the account that you wish to be the Admin of all of the subscriptions.
  7. Enter the Redemption Code on the Xamarin University "My Subscriptions" page.
  8. You can now invite each of the users to occupy their Xamarin University seats. They will need to log-in with the same email address/account that is invited in order to accept the invitation.

Can monthly subscriptions be transferred between users?

No, monthy subscriptions cannot be transferred between users, However, you can add and decrease users by going to the Visual Studio Marketplace purchasing portal and either increase or decrease the number of seats in the subscription.

  • For example, if you have 5 users currently and want to add 2, you would change your total # of seats to 7, confirm and finish.
  • If you have 10 and would like to add 5 and remove 2, you would need to increase to 15 total seats in the VSMP and then return to your Xamarin University "My Subscriptions" page and invite the 5 new users. At this time, you can return to the VSMP and decrease the total number of subscriptions down to 13. As subscription cancellations take effect on the 1st of the following month, at that time you will need to return to the XamU ["My Subscriptions"]( "My Subscriptions") page and remove the 2 excess users.

Does Xamarin University offer yearly payment plans?

You can purchase a multiple months in advance by either using prepaid funds (Azure Monetary Commitment) if your organization has an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft or by using an outside Cloud Service Provider (reseller).

I just purchased a full subscription; why can't I sign up for classes?

Make sure you have entered your Redemption Code as well as assigned your subscription

If your Xamarin University account is managed by an account admin, you'll need to make sure your account admin assigns the license to you through the Xamarin subscription management portal.

Where is my Redemption Code?

At the time of purchase, your Redemption Code is immediately sent to the email address associated with your Azure Billing Account.

How do I cancel my monthly Xamarin University subscription?

To cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Visual Studio Marketplace > Subscriptions with the credentials used to purchase Xamarin University.
  2. Choose Xamarin University
  3. Choose Get, just as if you were buying a new Xamarin University subscription.
  4. Change the number of subscriptions. To cancel, enter zero.
  5. Confirm and finish.

Please note that reducing the number of Xamarin University subscribers takes effect the first day of the following calendar month. For more information, please see our Billing FAQ

Where can I manage the subscriptions I've purchased?

If you're the Xamarin University team admin, use the Xamarin University “My Subscription” portal to assign Xamarin University subscriptions to your users.

Where can I check my bill or correct any billing information on my Azure subscription?

If you're the Azure account administrator, visit the Azure Account portal.

Where is the Billing FAQ for Xamarin University purchases through the Visual Studio Marketplace?

Xamarin University Billing FAQ

Where do I get Billing Support for my monthly Xamarin University subscription?

You can get support with purchases made through the Visual Studio Marketplace by contacting Azure Billing Support


What is the certification process?

You can read all about the Xamarin Mobile Professional and Xamarin Mobile Developer certification process on our dedicated “Certification” page.

What is the difference between a Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional and a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer?

The Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional certification is our initial certification level for developers to demonstrate fundamental competency in Xamarin mobile development.

The Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification goes above and beyond superseding the Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional certification. Certified Mobile Developers understand both native UI and Xamarin.Forms design as well as how to performance-tune and diagnose issues in their mobile applications. They are also trained to leverage platform-specific APIs, display and interact with native data collections, and choose and implement navigation patterns.

What are the benefits of becoming a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer?

The Xamarin certification tells potential employers and colleagues that a that a developer is proficient in creating mobile applications with Xamarin. Certified developers are featured on Xamarin DevConnect which is a place to showcase your professional profile for mobile development opportunities.

How long does it take to become Xamarin Certified?

Time to certification depends on a whole host of factors including student's prior experience with Xamarin, C#, Mobile Development, etc. as well as time dedicated, schedule, learning speed and other variables. On average, we generally see students achieving the Xamarin Certified Developer status within a few months of full time study.

How long is each certification valid for?

Certifications are valid for one (1) year. (Note that the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification supersedes the Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional certification.)

How do I get course credit?

To achieve credit for a course, you must attend a live session or complete Xamarin University's Self-Guided Learning version of the course (when available).

Completion of Xamarin University video recordings does not award credit towards certification. However, it is a great resource for additional study!

Is there a study guide for the certification exam?

Check out the Xamarin Certification study guide

How do I take the Xamarin certification exam?

Please note, The Xamarin University exam is conducted online and consist of 100 multiple choice questions. A minimum passing score of 80% must be reached in order to be awarded certification. Once you have completed all of the requirements for each certification level, you will be able to click the link to take the exam on your "My Profile" page dashboard.

Please note, there is a 14 day reset period between unsuccessful exam attempts.

How do I renew my certification?

A dashboard with your certification renewal requirements will appear on your profile page when you are within 90 days of your certification expiry.

To maintain certification status after the first year (for both Professional and Developer certifications), you must:
1. Have an active Xamarin University subscription on your certification anniversary date or renewal date. 2. Complete any new or updated core certification classes 3. Complete 6 classes in the current year that you haven't previously attended (new/updated classes count towards this requirement)

Visual Studio Subscriber Benefit

Do you offer any benefits towards Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise Subscribers?

Yes, Visual Studio subscribers (Professional and Enterprise) get access to Xamarin University subscriptions for a limited time. Get Xamarin Certified and build excellent enterprise quality mobile applications through live instructor-led training, Self-Guided Learning courses, Lightning Lectures, Guest Lectures and more. Learn more here.

What’s the difference between Xamarin University Mobile Training for Visual Studio subscribers and the full Xamarin University Subscription?

The Xamarin University Mobile Training benefit for Visual Studio subscribers includes all of the same great features of the full Xamarin University subscription including unlimited access to live virtual trainings, up-to-date course materials and recordings, guest lectures, lightning lectures, and the opportunity to become a Xamarin Certified Developer. However, Visual Studio subscribers only have access to 1 office hour during their subscription, whereas, full subscription members are eligible for 1 office hour per consecutive month subscribed.

Can I become a Certified Xamarin Developer with the Xamarin University Mobile Training benefit included in my Visual Studio subscription?

Yes, all courses taken through instructor-led training or Self-Guided Learning are valid for course credit. Both the Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional and Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer exams are also included within the 3-month and 6-month subscriptions.

How do I get started?

To activate your Visual Studio Xamarin University benefit, please go to your Visual Studio "My Benefits" page and click "Activate" in the Xamarin University section under "Education". This will bring you to a page on where you can activate your benefit. Please make sure to log-in to Xamarin University with the same email address as your Visual Studio account.

What happens when my free subscription ends?

Your Xamarin University account and progress will remain intact but your subscription will transition to a Free Account, which has limited access to our materials. If you want to continue to keep all the benefits of a subscription, you can purchase a monthly subscription.