Xamarin University Training Partners

Xamarin University has joined forces with qualified partners to deliver 3-day and 5-day in-person trainings, using official Xamarin University curriculum - course materials which are constantly updated so you can accelerate your development skills with the latest best practices and technology for Microsoft mobile tools.

Become a Training Partner

With students coming from a wide variety of backgrounds as well as various levels of mobile and development proficiency, Xamarin University has incredibly high expectations of the competence and professionalism of their trainers.

We expect trainers to maintain a high degree of understanding mobile development and the Xamarin tool within the Visual Studio platform. The commitment of being a Xamarin University certified trainer, as a partner, should be approached with a full understanding of the work involved. Below is a set of requirements Training Partners must meet.

If you feel you qualify with the below requirements and are ready to on-board as a certified Xamarin University Training Partner, please email the Xamarin University team along with qualifications of selected trainers.


Microsoft Partner Network Status

Training Partners must be active and maintain any current level of Microsoft's Partner Network (MPN).

Xamarin Mobile Developer Certification

Idnetified trainers must hold an up-to-date Xamarin Mobile Developer Certification.

Real-world Mobile Experience

Identified trainers should have experience working on mobile applications with Xamarin.

Xamarin University Curriculum Proficiency

In addition to having completed required courses for the Xamarin Mobile Developer Certification, courses listed in the available onsite training agendas, trainers need to maintain proficiency in all general curriculum (covered in IOS/AND/XAM-prefixed courses), and any curriculum specifically requested by the end client.

Additionally, trainers are expected to keep up with new features and tools released within Visual Studio, and have an overall understanding of our offering.

Demonstrated Xamarin Instruction Proficiency

The most important aspect of being a trainer is being an engaging, knowledgeable, and professional instructor. Trainers must demonstrate the ability to teach and reviewed by the internal Xamarin University team, as well as on-going performance monitoring.

Test Teach

Being able to teach Xamarin University curriculum successfully is key to providing a quality end-to-end experience with keeping Xamarin University’s brand. Prior to delivering onsite trainings, we require trainers to teach a beta class to our internal Xamarin University team, measuring the ability to teach while providing the opportunity for trainers to receive tips and feedback for improvement.


Trainers must adhere to a set of training performance standards and provide feedback to us about curriculum used for each onsite delivered, using Xamarin University's curriculum.